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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Review of Bholi Bano | Pakistani Drama

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Today we ill talk about the Geo Entertainment drama Bholi Bano, Which Stars Syed jibran, Hiba Qadir, Arez Khan and Nimra Shahid.( new actress ). The drama is based on Novel by Samra Bukhari and Directed By Furqan Adam.
Hiba Qadir as Bano

Though the drama is now over, and its last episode was aired 2 weeks Ago.but as our blog is created now a days so we had decided to put it on...

First of all the story is very Amazing and heart Catching, so good work is done here by Samra Mam.

Now lets talk about Acting then we cant rate them under 9 . Such an amazing Blend of acting is with this drama...on last lets talk about direction, Direction of Furqan Adam was not too good, Instead of dragging the drama too much till 40 above episodes, He

Should end the drama in 28-30 episodes..

But as the trend set by Indian Drama industry, Now our Pakistani Drama maker are also moving to wards Opera Soap Which I personally Feel very bad...a present example is of Kambakht Tanno, Airing on Aplus TV.
Syed Jibran As Tajdaar
Arez khan As Subhaan

Okay lets move towards Previous one about direction and Editing they should not drag it too much...But thanks to the story (which kept the Viewers Bonded to drama...

Okay lets assume the Drama is too good but last episode was just a joke, Last Episode of 40+

Episodes drama should not be like that ... The nice Saying " All is well when the End is well "

is for this drama in sense of End is not pretty well so we will not consider this drama as a whole good one....

Drama Rating : 8.5/10
Story Rating : 9/10

Acting Rating : 9.5/10                                 
Direction : 7 /10

Thanking you ! 
Nimra shahid 

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