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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

what we will write about ?

what we will be writing about or you can say what content we will be providing to you the sensational people.
   As the name of our channel shows that it is about Entertainment industry, now wait a few seconds and recall your memory that on the instance you was reading the above line, what first thought your mind captured by reading the word Entertainment industry?
 Yes i know majority will be praising it to just general entertainment . And yes it is very correct, that entertainment is any thing which entertain you people , then it can be a movie , a cricket match, a piece of wrestling and much more.
 But we will be talking about just show business . The industries that we will be covering are as follows :
   1. Bollywood cinema industry . an Indian based industry
   2. Lollywood  cinema industry . a Pakistan based industry
   3. Pakistani drama industry
   4. Indian drama industry
     Now the question rises that, where is Hollywood industry? 
     In the answer of this question I will like to say the truth, which is in that phrase "well i love watching serials, movies ,daily soaps but Hollywood! I think i should not watch these movies until i got familiar with other industries "
  This is a smart answer by me , What you people think ?
     Now come to the point and the point was that what will we be offering here?
 We will post the reviews and opinions about all the serials and Movies of above mentioned industries.
   only reviews and opinions ? just ? That's it ?
 No no we will also be providing a weekly news about these all industries and will try our best to keep all the important information in the blog which is suitable to you " the sensational people"
                      thanking you !


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