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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Akhri Station Review

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A collaboration project of Kashf Foundation and Khoosat films is famous now a days in the town.yes we are talking about the L-town <Lollywood town>. Project named "Akhri Station" <the last station>.

This drama project consists of seven Episodes, and every episode will tell a story in itself. Now what is basically the theme of this drama? The main theme is to portray the will power of women in Pakistani society. Generally if we look at the episodes, the story and the idea, we will assume that this drama is based upon the subject which portrays that "women is a victim". But no! this is false, Actually this drama portrays the will power of a women in our case <Pakistani women>. and we can assume that point at the very beginning of every episode the centre heading in Urdu language says that " this drama is dedicated to all the women, who did not gave up" .

If we talk about ratings of this drama till episode three then i will give the following ratings. before seeing ratings thank you very much for your time and company please do give your feedback, and don't  forget to follow us.


  • Episode1 : 8/10

  • Episode2 : 8.5/10

  • Episode3 : 6/10

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