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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

An Excellent review of Khaani Episode 21 By Showbizbeat

Hello guys how are you? hope you all are fine and doing well, today we will discuss the episode 21 of Drama Khaani
The first part of this episode is likely to the theme of drama nothing new is founded in this first five minutes of time, but suddenly the scenario came's that Khaani is been left by Mir. Haadi.

Now this was not expected by the viewers, this really was not expected and when some thing unexpected happens I personally like that scene.

Then the martial life of Sanam khan starts and till the end it look good but one thing is expected by promos that her martial life will not be a good life . She will find the hard struggles soon.

Now lets move towards the actual and the heart touching part of this episode which is the last scene of this episode where Haadi cries a lot. and I must say this is an epic of this year by any Male actor. Yes our female actresses had done it a lot but again it is unusual that in our society the Man cry.
But the effort putted by Feroze Khan is priceless. and I think this is will be remembered till decades.
now the supporting actors the mom and dad of Haadi . Miss Saman Ansari and Mr. Mehmood Aslam are also looking little changed by this last scene first time his father seems to be feeling the pain of Mir. Haadi . But I will like it if his fathers behaviour does not change and create a little more challenges for him.

The work done by camera is also above average and the song mixing is done amazingly.

Episode Rating : 8/10
Business Rating : 9/10

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