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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Khaani Episode 19 | Har Pal Geo | Showbiz Beat

Episode 19 starts by the transition from previous episode no 18. Mir haadi is having some drink in

karachi beach at night time and his servant Mithal is standing besides him. in this moment his friend Mr. Ali visits him and tells him about khaani's update, from which he gets exited and hugs his servant mithal too.

on other side Khaani's Uncle and Aunt visits them in their new house. after some time of 10minutes the drama tells story to her uncle and aunt . from which they dont agree to the decisions taken by the family of khani but at the end they agree upon it.

on other side the preparation of khani's wedding is in progress in the house of Mr.Arham.

at the last takes of drama Mir. Haadi arrives to meet khaani, with his friend and servant mithal.

this is the story of toady's episode 19.

Episode Rating : 7/10

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