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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Khaani Episode 20 Review

So Episode 20 starts from the Journey of Mir. Haadi for chasing Khaani. Haadi travels along with His
friend Ali and Servant Mithal. Mithal Says him to do a stay at night because of uncomfortable route and Haadi agrees with him. On other side Khaani's Wedding is to be taken place and the preps are on their high state. Meanwhile Haadi reaches her home and bring her with himself (some people are saying that is a Kidnapping attempt) but to me it is not a kidnap.

At the ending part of Episode Khaani shows some excellent attitude towards Haadi and to me i think it had affected the heart of Haadi.

On other side the Khani's Family is in a big trouble. Lets move towards the acting and expressions of this episode to let me tell you that after 5th episode the taste of expressions was missing but finally with a big lot of expressions (from every actor) i must say this episode was an amazing one. lets hope they will give their best in upcoming ones and will entertain us more. thanks for the time. This is Wali Dad Khan saying you Assalamoalikum. Have a nice day.

Episode Rating : 8.5/10

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