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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Khaani Episode 21 | An over View

This episode starts with the scene from Khaani's home. Where all the family members are very sad to know about the kidnap of Khaani. And every family member is giving advise to family that what next they had to do..

Mean while khaani enters the home and tells every thing what happened to her . Firstly the family don't believe on her as the reputation of Mir . Haadi but at the end Khaani confirms that nothing happened to her and Haadi do not did any wrongful act.

Then the nikah tooks place and Khaani receives blessings from her family. Meanwhile on other side Haadi is very tense and having a slide show of his meetings with khaani in his mind sitting near beach . The background music or OST is running at that time in the Background so the viewers will not boar at all.

In the 2nd half of drama khaani's family is having this thought that will Haadi be going to her home to disturb herlife??

on other hand the Romantic era begins in Khaani and Arham's life.And Arham is not believing on his luck that Khaani is now officially his wife.

Then the morning begins and they have their first Breakfast with whole family.Then they have their first meeting (an alone meeting) and Arham wants to know that what happened to Khaani's mood. Khaani changes the topic towards her family matters then the Session of Promising etc starts and the day also comes to an end.

now the Haadi's family is shown is drama and the conversation between his mother and father stars about will Haadi be bringing Sanam with him. His father considers that if Sanam comes at home then they will accept her for their vote bank gain. Mean while Haadi arrives at home (alone).

Then his friend Ali describes every thing that happened will haadi to his parents.Then his parents come to his room and tries to decrease the pain of haadi but haadi says "You won baba" . Then the family drama starts. And haadi almost cries at that scene. You can see it in this picture.
And believe me this last part is going to be Epic of this year.

The detailed review will come tomorrow so stay tuned.

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