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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Qurban Episode 28 - 12th March 2018 - ARY Digital Drama

This episode starts with the hearing of The Jamal death case. Where the advocate of Shamir imposes some wrong allegations on Heer, but when the turn of Shamir comes he Disagree with his advocate and Phrases Heer.

then the judge shift the date to next hearing, and drama begins, his brother comes to home and confesses that he had fired a bullet on Heer and Jamal. then their family drama begins and at the last his mother comes to the house of Heer and tells her the truth. Some how Heer have a soft corner for

Shamir after the Hearing but when, She came to know the truth then she goes to visit Shamir. Now lets see that how the writer had portrayed the script in next episode. And we can say the last episode, our review before last episode will come soon .

Episode Rating : 7.5/10

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