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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Adil Abbas Badami | Turns 07 Today | Wiki | DOB

Adil Abbas Badami | Turns 07 Today | Wiki | DOB

The son of Supremely talented Senior Anchor Person Mr. Waseem Badami Turns Seven today.


Adil Abbas Badami was born on 19 of April 2011.                 

He Turns Seven Years old on 19 April 2018.                     

Abilities :

Although he is not too much in to the Television like the son of Mr. Iqrar ul Hassan. But in year 2018 during Har Lamha Purjosh Transmission he was on-aired or we can say he made his first TV debut, what I remember is on that day the Karachi was Facing Islamabad United and Adil Abbas Badami was supporting Islamabad United, Later on Islamabad Won with amazing run rate..

He is very straight forward.. (but it happens in this age)..     

His accent is fully the Karachi Wala's Accent..

He is very competitive with Pehlaj Iqrar..

Today on his birth day many famous people like Iqrar ul Hassan his Wife And others wished Adil a very Happy Birth Day..

Showbiz beat Wishes Adil Abbas a Very Happy Birth Day...  

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