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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Ajay devgn's Raid has Successfully crossed the 100 crore bench mark in 25 days

Ajay devgn's Raid has crossed the 100 crore bench mark in 25 days.
Ajay devgn's newly released movie RAID has got very popularity among the audience, Critics and trade analysts.                                                                                                         
This pair of Ajay and ileana D'cruz is having a blast over the hearts, firstly in BADSHASHO and now in RAID. the story of this movie is about the LONGEST raid of the history.
The film focuses on the transferred IRS officer Amay Patnaik to Lucknow as Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax. On starting work, he receives anonymous tips about black money hoarded by MLA Rameshwar Singh. The movie ensues his pursuit of discovering the stash of gold and cash all the while keeping his officers, his family, and their safety. Amay Patnaik (Ajay Devgn) is a fearless IRS officer transferred to Lucknow. There, he and his wife Malini (Ileana D'Cruz) spend their time

happily until disaster strikes in the form of Rameshwar Singh (Saurabh Shukla), the local don of Sitagarh. It seems that he has evaded income tax for a long time. So, Amay and his team head over to Sitagarh. There he faces hostility from Rameshwar's family but he keeps up his honest attitude. He searches every nook and corner of the house with his team to find Black Money, but to no avail. Finally, on the verge of defeat, he receives an anonymous letter telling him the location of the money in the house.
So, Amay and his team break down walls, ceilings, staircases and old storerooms to find assets worth a few crores. Rameshwar,not willing to accept defeat leaves the house and meets several MP politicians and the Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi herself, but to no avail. So,he carries out a mortal attack on Malini which she escapes narrowly. On hearing this, Amay becomes furious but controls his anger. Finally, Rameshwar's henchmen come to kill Amay and his team. Amay is saved in time by special force of police sent by the PM. Later, it is revealed that it is Rameshwar's daughter-in-law, who was the informer as she and her lover wanted revenge on him for marrying her forcefully to his son, who was impotent. The film ends with Amay being transferred to some other place, with a hope of a bright future.


Well if we talk about the budget then the total budget along with the advertising and promotional expenses is around 45Crore INR. While it has Grossed the business of 101 crore in 25 days and is having a good word of mouth and is also having good attention after the release of other good films like Blackmail, and Baaghi2. and the expected life time business of this movie to me is around 200 crore.. Yes you will be surprised a bit but it is a fact that although the movie have a good grip on box office but there exists some people who are willing to watch this movie and some are willing to watch it 2nd or 3rd time..

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