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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Haara Dil- Danish Taimor and Hiba Bukhari - Episode 01 ( REVIEW) - Showbizbeat

The Beginning:

"Arham" and "Momina" yes we are talking about Danish Taimor and Hiba Bukhari. This first episode starts with the beautiful Blend of Religion and Nature, The sound of Azaan and The raising of sun, here the rising of sun not only indicates the beginning of day but also the beginning of Serial.

The introduction of Female lead is being done by reading the paying Fajar and reading of Holy Quran while on other side, The introduction of male lead is done in a park where Arham is portrayed very well groomed boy.                                                                      

In this serial the family of girl is portrayed as a poor one and on other side the boy's family is portrayed very rich as compared to the Girl's family. in the second half the introduction of the parents of boy is happened the mom and sister of Arham are very arrogant while father is portrayed as a good man.

Well lets discuss the Characters of the drama:

Then Arham is a good boy willing to marry Momina.

Momina has good and simple parents and an aggressive sister, who has very high desires.

while on other side Arham has a good father and very arrogant Mom and Sister.

His Mother and sister are trying to engage him with their relatives/friend, who is studying Media and very open minded while on other side the Character of Arham is keen to have a marriage with Momina..

Last Part :

In the third and last part of episode the marriage of Arham's sister is being took place and the family of Momina came to congrats them . the entry of Momina in Arham's Home is amazing specially the camera work , editing and sound mixing is very good in this scene, after words the Arrogant mother of Arham disrespects her family and at the end they had to leave the ceremony in the mid.

Little drama by Arham's mother is again created but at the end the drama takes the first turning point where the mother of Momina is going to be a pregnant..

Episode Rating : 6.5/10

Business Rating : 7/10

Acting : All the characters had done an amazing job, style of the speaking of dialogues by Hibba is not good but it is her natural style, while the style of Arham's sister of Paying dialogues is also little bored but the drama is Picturized in such a way that one can not figure out this matter..

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