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Thursday, 19 April 2018

HAARA DIL Episode 2 Review By ShowbizBeat | Hibba Bukhari | Danish Taimor

HAARA DIL Episode 2 Review By ShowbizBeat | Hibba Bukhari | Danish Taimor

This episode links with the first episode where Momina's parents are discussing the horable news which they came to know by the lady doctor, but suddenly Momina enters the room and any body can assume at this time that she has hared the news..than after a little chit chat with her sister the day ends and next day starts with the raising sun with the voice of some birds. Now on the dinning table both the parents are again discussing the pregnancy matter, and again Momina enters there but she did not hared again at this time... her father gives her a little clue that "yeh to ab her roze laga rahe ga" . but she does not gets it.                                                      

Till now one can understand that her father wants the baby to be born while her mother wants the baby out of her body due to the social norms..

Now in next shot Arham's family is covered his mom and sister are discussing his marriage.. Her daughter wants to go over sea but she totally ignores her.

at the end of first phase Arham and Momina meets. and have a discussion over the last things happened.. the ending of this shot is amazing.. the blend of little music chunk with the romantic act..

Doctor confirms that yes, Momina's mom is pregnant and say that at this stage they can not throw the baby.. (they had to accept the reality...to me the situation is going worse .. it will affect the love story of Momina and Arham very much)..

they receive the call from Arham Parents that they are coming for her proposal.. (one question raises that if Arham's mom is not interested in this proposal than why they are coming for it)

To me I think the factor of Friendship between the Dads is creating this situation..

Again her mother vomits but she did not get the clue.. ( the news is hidden by her for three times in one episode).

And as expected Arham's mother creates the worse situation where Momina's father rejects the proposal with anger and says "I don't want any relation which affect our friendship".

At this time The expressions of Momina were Just amazing..

then little fight of words took place between Momina Parents..

On other side Arham is very angry on his family for disrespecting Momina Parents. (one clue that we get in this conversation is that Abrar is brought up by Arham's grandma).here Arham's mother behaves little strict which results in the Rudeness of Arham..

Here again Hibba Bukhari supports her mother very well, the script at this stage is a bit relaxing with some humour...and the day ends ..

New day starts and again Abrar and wife enters the clinic, Momina's mother discuss the situation with doctor (and she tells that they are expecting the Baby boy... now the condition goes little relaxing for them..).

At the end  I Must say that the Expressions given by Momina and Abeer were above Good..

Episode Rating : 7/10
Business Rating : 6.5/10

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