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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Haara Dil - Episode 3 Review - The Compromising Stage - Danish Tamor - Hiba Bukhari - Showbizbeat

Haara Dil - Episode 3 Review - The Compromising Stage - Danish Tamor - Hiba Bukhari 

So the episode starts and finally yes finally, Momina Hears the gossip of her father and mother, about the news of her upcoming brother. She hearts pretty much at that time and then, jumps into their conversation. She congrats them with anger and leaves.
Haara Dil Episode 3

On other side Arham's jiju is in the home as he is Ghar Damaad, so the first war of talk places between the both, Arham and Zawaar.

At night his wife tells him about the Momina and her family, and he goes in to the deep thought..

One can say that yes Momina is very upset with her mother. But she thinks about her every moment. She passes some harsh comments as well on her mother, which leads the Mother to some kind of Depression.

And now the little sister of Momina joins the party.. (and i was waiting to see her reaction) Finally  she came to know about the pregnancy of her mother.

And she enters with a boom, and says what ever comes to her mind, and have a war of words with her mother and father, but she resists there and her father is going to slap her almost .

She says that it is against the society and we gonna face very tortures by society, their image will be lost by this baby.

On other side Arham's mother is having a conversation with Arham and still trying to convince Arham to her point, and finally he passes a comment that he is going to leave the topic of marriage and will also leave the country..

Momina as i said that she is angry from out side but very she is very caring for her mother and say to her sister that, We should not depress our mother as her condition is not well. Abeer says that this matter will destroy our lives and no one will marry us .

Arham's mother again tries to convince him, giving the reason of status difference, but Arham say that she will adjust pretty well, then suddenly she agrees with him with a condition that "she has to live the life with my set of rules" Arham agrees here , Which is a big mistake i think..

Now they enters the Momina Home second time for proposal . They fixes the date and other matters. And finally they are going to marry. .Are they ?? No, I don't think so that they will marry soon.

Now Arham and Momina have a little words in car, "to me these words gonna be remember in this drama soon ,after Arham's Marriage with other girl."..

They enjoy the moment where she came to know that today is her engagement but the expression of Amtul Aunti were not too good , and at the end she advises Momina to not behave like this with Arham, (remember the promise of Arham with his mother, this is the first imposition here ).

At night Momina along with her Sister comes to have an Ice-cream with Arham. but I am here shocked to not see Abeer during their conversation.

Here Arham demands that he wants the real Momina, not like the one wanted by His mother.

Suddenly she breaks the news of her mother's pregnancy and the reaction of Arham says more then what i can say...

Episode Rating : 7/10
Business Rating : 7/10

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