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Monday, 9 April 2018

Is Kapil Sharma Right?? Kapil Sharma Abuses the Spot boys Reporter

The comedy famed Kapil Sharma is having the worst time of his life.. starting from Sony network's show Comedy circus and had a fame From "Comedy nights with Kapil sharma" a colors tv program. Comedy Nights worked very well for kapil and he also maded his own production in this show. but after some time due to some harsh words with channel he quited the channel (some says that channel had call him to pack his bag ). then after some time he had a come back with Sony tv's show "The kapil sharma show" Again as expected the show ranked high and broke down all the records of the television rating points.                                        

Let me tell you that the fan growth of Kapil had on a peak during this show and this is the reason that his debut movie also maded well on box office, Yes we know that there is another factor of Abbas-Mustan direction also but the credit goes to Kapil at the last.

but when the show was on its peak they had a visit to Australia "if i am right...i think yes it was Australia" . then the news broke down that Kapil has miss behaved with his friend Sunil Grover aka Dr.Mashoor Gulati although Kapil and Sunil at the initial stages ignored this news but then after some time the truth came that yes the media was right at that time ..

then the fans of both the actors were in a little worry that now what will happen next because at that time the jodi or we can say the pair of both the actors, comedian is so much appreciable. but the hopes ended and Sunil Quited the show.. Although the chum of Kapil Mr.Chandhan Prabhaker, Kiku Shardha and Shumona had tried the best to run the show with kapil and I must say that if the show was on now 10 at the time of fight then they had putted the effort to rank it better on number five.

But the channel thought that the show should end now..

And after that Kapil was having some health issues which may came from that incident. during this zone his movie Firangi also released and got flopped very well.

now if we look at all the case study or you can name it the history of kapil's work then all the time when his show closed or being to close in all situations the responsible man was one and only Kapil Sharma ( i personally am a big fan of kapil, but i also think that Kapil is responsible for all that stuff) because that out of 100 one person cannot be at a right side.. and the record of Kapil exactly tells that all the responsibility goes to him alone..

now lets come to the year 2018 the present year Sony tv again took the initiative to launch the Kapil's show named as "Family time with kapil sharma" . and the show was an average one, and to be honest is not good as the previous shows was.. now almost six episodes were on-aired and Ladies and gentlemen again Kapil had started the mess..

Now the call recording has been leaked where Kapil sharma had called to an Indian Journalist Vickey and abused him consistently for about 5-6minutes.. ( the reporter described all things and when the condition came where kapil had no option to reply he started abusing him with very harsh words which cannot suit him)..

Kapil sharma considers his mother a very luckey charm for him and bring his mother every where .. but abusing the reporter's mother is not fair if you consider your mother at a high level, than respect the others mother.

Now lets come to the reporters point of view then every reporter hunts the story and the reporter has a right to write every thing which he considers good and the points to me are good enough .. he has a right to write the things about the Hichki cast's on the family time with kapil sharma that they had cancelled the shoot of show and the news were also there in the town that about 5 to six shoots were cancelled..

Lets see what is going to be next ... till then please stay subscribed to our email notification..

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