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Monday, 23 April 2018

Khaani Episode 22 - Full Review - Finally Episode 22 is Aired today, See the Real Face Of Mithal- Showbizbeat

Khaani Episode 22 - Full Review - Finally Episode 22 is Aired today, See the Real Face Of Mithal.

So after a long time finally we are now watching this episode 22 of Khani. lets move towards review.

The episode starts with a little relaxing and slow pace. where the main conversation is take place between Khaani and her mother..and when the conversation ends the BGM at that point is just owesome, yes is is just for 2 secs but feels pretty good. then the Haadi's Family is introduced in this episode again with a very fast pace, and the war of dialogues take place's between the mother of Haadi and His father.                                                 
Khaani Episode 22

what I seen in previous episode was pretending that his father and mother will change the attitude but in this part of episode we came to know that till now their first priority is Election, not their son.

Now the nakaam aashik is introduced, yes we are talking about one and only MR.Mir Haadi, remembering his conversations with khaani and we are again having the voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in Background which feels very soothing..

Now Arham's family is introduced, his little conversation with his father, in which his father gives him a set of advice..and talk ends with a smile.

Now the Real part begins Mir.Haadi, Karachi Beach, Night and A company of Mithal..Mithal talks today more than one sentences and he talks the Anmol words.. one of the viewer comments and phrases him in this picture.Again the voice of Rahat is just Heat touching..

Now the next day begins with the faces of Khaani, Araham and their Cute daughter Raima. Here the Dop did very well the shots and location is just refreshing.

Now Khaani's new family and her native family is having a dinner in Khaani's new home. and at the end both the mothers, uncles and all the members spreads good wishes, Arham give gifts to all the family members of Khaani which shows his love and affection towards Khaani, And Arham breaks the news that he is going to treat the disease of her father soon .

Now Darbar is introduced with the face of Mir.Haadi.the Qwwali shots are introduced for about three minutes, which shows the different shades of Zakhmi Mir.Haadi . He is having little dhammal while sitting which looks pretty good according to situation.

And suddenly his mother and friend Ali comes to visit him, and says to come home, but he says I feel refreshed here, but they resist and finally bring him to home.Again the Instrumental BGM is just Amazing ..

On other side the father of Arham discusses the affects of Lie on any person , While Khaani is sitting next to them, which reminds us the Lie of them, (they have hidden the truth from Arham and his family..) and till the end of this episode she thinks about this again and again.

Next day begins with singing father of Khaani having conversation, A lite conversation, which says that they are now satisfied. and wishes that their past do not come again .

At the night Mir. Haadi is again showed having some superstitious acts, While he is washing and watching his face. and suddenly he screams that his hands are covered with blood of Sarim (brother of Khaani).

He goes so violent and goes out of control where Mehmood Aslam Slaps him again, and orders his mother to took him abroad as soon as possible. And again What an amazing voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in BGM.

Episode Rating : 8/10
Business Rating : 10/10

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