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Monday, 30 April 2018

Khaani Episode 23 - Facing Truth - Complete Review by - Showbizbeat

This Episode starts with the little chit chat between both saas and baho (khaani and her Mother in Law). The sweet moments are captured in this first scene.

While on other side Both the sisters of Khaani are missing Khaani at home.They both consider the decision of going to do job for family support, Which is done by khaani previously. Their mother hears the the conversation, and give them an order to not do this kind of thing and just focus on their studies..                                                                 
Khaani Episode 23

Now the good part comes where the Lovely girl (that hijab wali girl ) introduces her self to Mir. Haadi . And tells him that at the moment he is fighting with him self . And suddenly lefts, Haadi tries to stop her but she do not and says that we will meet again..With a message that "consider living in this stage where are you at the present time".

Now when he comes to home to discuss the matter with his mother, She tries to divert the topic, While Haadi is blaming her for the upbringing which she gave him. and says that he will not go abroad.. And says i am going to left both of you and this home and i will not produce any hurdles in your lives.. ( this scene is captured amazingly).

And finally he lefts and goes to Mazaar. When she break the news to her Husband and he gets shock .

Now khaani comes to her Father's home and gives her mother a cash to spend on family , but the mother refuses . and then they have a little war of words and finally she accepts the money..

The mother of Haadi is now going to show her real face again , The number of Khaani's Mother in law provided by Haadi's friend ,she is going to disclose the history of Khaani with her.. (as expected by the promos).

Now the little court is made or we can say the "Baithak" is arranged where the judge is Arham's Mother, She strictly says that no one will jump in to their discussion. And finally she speaks the truth.

After haring the news all the family goes to Shock. and one by one all the truths came out, Eg: The interest of Haadi in Sanam and the kidnap of Khaani .

Finally Arham's Mother orders Arham to say her leave the home , No one takes the side of Khaani , at one moment Her father in law gives her some hope by a quote that "God is every thing, He will do better with you" And leaves . The BGM of this scene is amazing effort..

I think the mother of Haadi is going to take revenge from Khaani and you can easily watch that in this drama.

Now this this the night time where both the Husband and wife are feeling alone , And do not talk with each other, here the expressions given by Arham are worth watching..

Waoo may favourite part begins here, Where Mithal is supporting Haadi, And again talks for more than two sentences (hehehe).

Now as this is the next morning after the whole incident so Khaani comes home and do not pays attention to her mother and goes to her bed room , on asking of her mother she gives an angry response and she tells " that the truth came out to the people, Arham's mother investigated me in the presence of whole family, She further says that her happiness is burnt, And se is destroyed because of her mother.. This ending scene and expression were also worth watching..

Episode Rating : 8/10
Business Rating : 10/10

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