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Thursday, 19 April 2018

LAGAYA DIL BOHOT PAR DIL LAGA NAHI | Sajjad Ali New Song is having a Blast

As this is the era of Social media and every one now a day's can be a celebrity through various social platforms available.. Now the debate can never end on this topic so we will not touch that matter..

Many professional singers also created their You Tube Channels and are uploading their original content to gain more viewer ship.                                               

Talented and well recognised Pakistani evergreen singer Sajjad Ali also created one and had uploaded many of his tracks, but recently he has uploaded his music video titled " LAGAYA DIL "  which is sung by him and the video is directed by Pakistani singer Zaw Ali .

The video tells the love story of university/college life, which exists now a days. In my opinion yes the song is amazing and the whole song tells the story and almost 98 Percent People can relate to this love story so i will give full marks to the lyricist .

Complete Details of the Song :

LAGAYA DIL | Sajjad Ali Directed by Zaw Ali
Story & Concept by Khubi Ali
Lyrics and Composition by Sajjad Ali
Music Arrangement by Muhammad Ali and Shabi Ali
DOP: Rizwan Sherazi (RIZ)
Post: Subhan Sherazi

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