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Monday, 2 April 2018

Pakistani drama industry is on the flow from PTV to Private media A success story

Pakistani drama industry is on the flow :

From past one decade after the introduction of private media.although the content before the arrival of private media was absolutely fabulous. and the actors produced by that time are having a strong roots till today and if we consider the best example then i would like to mention the name of Sami Khan who's serial "Yaad Piya ki Aye" opposite to Irum Khan was my favourite from PTV time's. as he worked and begin his career from PTV so he is giving a buzz till now in the forms of Dhaani and recently famed drama Aisi Hai Tanhai. so some how he had managed a balanced between the two rival channels like Ary and Geo Entertainment network.

We were talking about the Drama industry talent of Pakistan which is strong enough as it was 20 years ago. the introduction of new talent and new crew's also added a good part in it.

the Camera work and direction work had also been changed day by day some popular flops were also introduced and some drama's which are not needed they are also introduced duo to which to some extent the percentage of Pakistani drama industry's credibility was loosen to at least 10% and at most 25%.

What is bad about Pakistani Drama industry now a days?

The bad thing which is introduced in Drama industry is the copy of Opera Soaps in the real time span. As the audience of "Kum Kum Bhagiya" and some other Indian dramas were increased the Pakistani channel's also introduced the soaps now it is good as well as bad to some extent. the good part is that the ranking of channels and the business of the channels had increased and the audience are also increased. the introduction of "Kambakht tannu" and many more worked well. the bad thing is that if we are considering the industry as our core part rather than the film industry then we had to consider the fact also that we are also moving towards the soap and Ekta Kappor trend. and let me tell you that it is not happening now a days only, it was introduced by PTV a decade a ago or probably eight years. the soap named College had done amazingly well in industry.

Is Ekta Kapoor Factor is good for industry?
will if we see the results generated by soaps in Pakistani industry then it seems that theyhad done well and they are working well in both the countries the Indian drama industry is totally Operised ( totally soaps ). and it is working form them but in order to differentiate than we have two categories one is of 20 to 40 episode dramas and other is like Kambakht Tanno , Behnain aisi bhi hotin hain , College and many more.

Top Pakistani Dramas of in previous 2-3 years ?

1. Tumhari natasha

2. Adhuri Aurat

3. Dillagi

4. Pyare Afzal

5. Humsafar

6. Behnain

7. Aisi hai Tanhai

8. Baaghi

9. Zoya Sawleha

10. Dhaani

11. Qurban

12. Tishnagi dil ki                         

13. Tum kon Piya

14. Zindagi Gulzar hai

15. Khaani

16. Zara Yaad kar

17. Mann Mayal

18. Khuda Aour Mohabbat Season one

19. Sadqay tumhare

20. Dil e Muztar

NOTE : the drama's are not in ranked order ..

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