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Friday, 25 May 2018

Haara Dil Episode 07 - Hiba Bukhari - Danish Tamor - Mehmood Aslam - Javeria Abbasi - REVIEW | Showbizbeat

This episode starts with the entrance of Aaya to Abrar's house, but as he is not at home so that's way Momina attends her.

On other side the nurse helps Abrar by giving a lift to him, I don't think why ? but no one agrees to give him a seat in rickshaw. So he has to take that lift by this nurse (Fehmi).

Arham's father visits Abrar and gives him advise that he should go for job, to sustain his livings. Meanwhile Zaiba gives an advise to the nurse Fehmi that she should marry Abrar, as he needs a lady at this time for his son Sami, and you will have the complete house, and a mature husband, She disagrees firstly but after some scenes the drama tells that She is also showing some interest in him, she tries to apply different shades of lipstick, to kinda impress Abrar as he have to visit her for the checkup of Sami.
Haara Dil Episode 07
Abeer now a days is trying to get some space from her home, as she is not comfortable at home now a days, Momina on phone asks her that where actually she is? She tells that she is in a birth day celebration of her friend.

When Abeer enters the home Abarar asks to Momiana for the reason why Abeer is late.. A bell rings Abrar lefts his son on sofa and goes to check who is knocking, Meanwhile Sami cries and Momina again shows a soft corner ( We are seeing this from couple of episodes) but again Abeer stops her from giving any attention to him.

Now after so many days as Abrar on advise of Arham's father goes to his office he see another person a lady on his seat, further more on discovering the matter he came to know that he has been suspended from his job, and he receives a file where he have been asked to resign instantly.

From today's episode we can notice that how alone is Abrar now a days despite he his having two mature daughters. one more progress that happens in drama is that the nurse fehmi is now showing full interest in Abrar as per advise from her friend Zaiba, and Soon she will capture Abrar in her Beauty.. And Abrar also needs one mature lady at this time so this will be a good step by both .. I am saying this After watching all the episodes, but we can not guarentte that what will happen next if they marry in future.. ( I am getting some negative wibes).

Momina in university ignores Arham, and their common friend is playing a role of messenger now a days..

Episode Rating : 7/10

Business Rating : 7/10

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