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Friday, 4 May 2018

Haara Dil - Episode 4 Review - The Death of Momina's Mother - Danish Taimor - Hiba Bukhari - Showbizbeat

Haara Dil - Episode 4 Review - The Death of Momina's Mother - Danish Taimor - Hiba Bukhari .

Finally she broke the news, Arham say to Momina to talk with her parents to Abort that child, She gives him the reason that this is too late, and they are very happy to have this baby.

Arham gets disappointed and says that this news will ruin our life. Momina talks to her mother, and suddenly the family war starts, Her father disappoints her by saying many lines, Which not only hurt momina but also her sister . (her father says if the engagement breaks due to this news, let it break). He wants this baby boy at any cost.

while watching Arham in depressed condition his sister taunt on him, and after a war forwards Danish (Arham) lefts.

Now a very little but an amazing conversation takes place between both the sisters. (Abeer and Momina).

Arham is little confused and depressed here in this situation while talking with Momina, says that I am unable to digest this news, how I can talk to my mother??.

While in this conversation the expressions given by Hiba Bukhari are worth watching, Her mother here's the conversation between them and apologies to Arham, and says that what she can do ?? (if this child have a destiny here, then I can not change destiny).

Arham disappoints and says to Momia, the destiny of this child will destroy our lives. and may be we will lose each other.

Arham tries to talk with her mother to arrange the"Nikkah" ceremony, giving the reason that they had to apply for study visa and it requires the documents, when his mother leaves the dinning table, his father asks him that tell me the truth, as both the father and son are close to each other so he tells him the truth, that "Shagufta auntie is pregnant" his father have a little shock and goes to Momina's home, to discuss the matter with his friend. and after a long discussion Momina's father agrees to have the Nikkah ceremony soon.

Next morning they visit the gynaecologist and she suggest to post pond the Marriage as the mother is under a serious stress.

The turning point happens when they are exiting the clinic, Amtul see her and tries to follow them but, Momina's mother manages to get hide.

there are some emotional and heart touching conversation and scenes between Momina, Abeer and their mother.

But "no one can change the destiny" amtul invites the Momina's family for dinner, and inserts them alot, by taunting . She said that "their child is illegal one". Due to which Shahida's health gets critical ..
Oops the doctor predicts the "Pre Mature Delivery"..

Doctor says to arrange blood, but after providing the blood again, she needed the blood....What will happen next??

Will she be alive? Nooooo She died...
The worse time is on its peak for Momina's family. Episode ends with the big scream of Hibba Bukhari..

Episode Rating : 8/10

Business Rating : 7/10

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