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Friday, 18 May 2018

Haara Dil - Episode 6 Review - Abrar Slaps Abeer | Danish Taimoor, Hiba Bukhari | Showbizbeat

Haara Dil - Episode 6 Review - Abrar Slaps Abeer  | Danish Taimoor, Hiba Bukhari 

Episode six starts with little angry argument between Shagufta's friend and Abeer, and the first Scene ends with the Cracking slap to Abeer by his father for misbehaving . 
Haara Dil

On the other side Momina tries to ignore Arham, But he resists, He talks with her that he will solve all the problems.

She says that due to our this relation ship, I lost my mother, Please leave me your mother will unhappy with this attempt. Arham in reply say that "You are important out of all things " But she ends the argument by saying " I will not be able to give the respect to your mom".

Now after a Short break When Momina enters the home she see that Abeer is packing her bags, after discovering the whole matter, Momina controls Abeer to not leave the home.

Meanwhile When their Brother's health is not good, and Abrar is unable to handle the baby he calls Zaiba to help him at the end she give him a suggestion that to marry a lady who can handle this baby and your home, Momina listens this conversation and shows the rude reaction .

Arham discusses the matter with his father, his father gives him a little support, his mother enters the conversation and again both son and mother have a little harsh words.

He rings to Momina but she cuts the phone, on other side his parents are now blaming each other for the created situation.

Meanwhile what i Saw is that Momina is showing her soft corner for her brother . She collects the little clothes of her brother while they are not at home (her father and son).

When they are in hospital Zaiba meets her friend a Beautiful nurse, who helps Abrar in Sami's treatment .

Next morning Momina and Abeer discuss them on the breakfast that they are out side whole night, and till now their father did not made any contact.

(Again I saw a soft corner by Momina, But Abeer stops her from taking any step).

Episode Rating : 7/10

Business Rating :7.5/10

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