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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Khaani Episode 24 - Arham to Hold Khaani's Hand Again - Full review | Showbizbeat

This episode begin with the blaming conversation, where Khaani blames her mother for the whole situation.Then Arham's part begin and his mother passes some harsh comments about Khaani, due to which Arham gets little depressed.                         
Khaani Episode 24

Now the media asks Mir. Shah, about Mir. Haadi (Feroze Khan), that "where is he now a days". He gives them a reason that he is completing his education.

Both the sisters are trying to support Khaani in her bad zone of life, but she says that now i will be getting the punishment of our lie, in the form of Divorce.

Now the episode enters in its 10th minute, where Arham's mother says to his father to talk to Arham about giving divorce, where he disagree with his wife.

And now the real part of episode comes yes, I am talking about the scene of Mir.Haadi , he is doing it pretty well, he is going deep in to the character episode by episode. the malang kind of acting done by him is precious.

The deep conversation between the parents of Mir.Haadi, takes place where the mother suggests to create the scenario for the divorce of Khaani, to marry her to Haadi, but Mir. Shah says that Haadi has crossed to way which goes to marriage ( he is having Ishq now not Love).

The beauty Lady again meets Haadi, and Haadi asks her that "will she be happy with my this behaviour, this change" she says that "No" . Do not think about her think about him, (Allah). Is he happy with you?? think about him.. and leaves.This conversation is totally a deep and meaningful conversation for real lovers.

Now all the family members gives some hopes to Khaani, that all things will be all right, but she dis agree with them, and say now nothing will happen, and she decides that now we will not hide our selves from the society , Let the society think what they think, I don't care . Here the expressions of Khaani's mother was superb.

In next scene Arham's father see him in a lot of stress, and talks about Khaani's matter, he gives the advise that "the ladies take decision with emotions, do not think about your mother, If you love the Khaani, bring her back to home".

Now in next scene Haadi's father comes to Mazaar to meet haadi, (hiding his face). he says him lets go to home, Haadi say that I am already at home, by giving the reason that he smells the smell of murders in their home. further saying that give the reason to society that Haadi is died in an accident, and also says that I will not create any hurdles in your life, and please do not disturb me also.. and leaves .. here the background sound is worth listening.

Finally Arham arrives to Khaani's house and say her that he is upset with her for the reason that "She did not told the truth to him". and further says that it was a right attempt by the parents of Khaani, and also says that he loves her alot, and hugs her by saying that lets go home, I had to take justice for you and your brother..

The episode was a lengthy one, and some scenes only creates the bond between audience, as the drama is centred on Haadi and Khaani so people only want to see their happenings not the other characters, but this can not happen as the drama has to run accordingly script..
Episode rating : 7/10
Business rating :10/10

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