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Monday, 14 May 2018

Khaani - Episode 25 Full Review - The Case ReOpens - Sana Javed - Feroze Khan | Showbizbeat

Khaani - Episode 25 Full Review - The Case ReOpens - Sana Javed - Feroze Khan. 

Arahm is here to get Khaani back home, so they takes wishes from Khaani's parents and leaves. at this moment the Parents of Khaani gets little emotional.

On other side Mir.Shah is going softer day bay day, he says to his Wife to give some Sadqah.
Khaani Episode 25

Khaani enters the home and pays Salaam to her parents in law, the Papa g accepts it and passes her a smile but the mom of Arham shows some aggressive reaction. and she goes to talk with Arham and discovers the whole scenario , and says that I do not believe on her, Arahm say "But I believe her "and his mother lefts with anger.

Haadi on other side at Mazaar having a look at khaani's picture with him and then participates in the regular routine of Mazaar, While Mithal plays his role of true servant till now.

(the camera work, the editing and BGM at this scene is just heart touching).

Arham asks Khaani for reopening of Sarim murder Case, firstly she does not agree but at last she agrees and Arham says that I am going to destroy him.. Both passes a cute smile to each other and the scene ends.

Ali Visits Haadi to convince him to leave the Mazaar, but at the end he is unsuccessful in his effort.

Arham on other side announces to his family that he is going to open the case, and at the end he succeeds in getting permission.

In morning Arham along with Khaani and their lawyer visits her parents, and they have a little chat with each other..

A bell rings on Sitra's phone and the voice is of Arham, and he says that I am going to re open the Case against Mir.Haadi. She gives him a warning, and he plays with the words amazingly that Sitara comes to kinda Depression.

then they arrange the press conference where they want justice for Saarim. Mir shah along with wife goes into a deep shock watching this press conference.

on the other hand the hijab wali girl visits Haadi and says that this is their last meeting, the kind of editing and the scene here shows that the Character Hijab wali is actually not a character..

Wao! the amazing scene comes here when The father of that Hijaab wali girl visits the Mazaar and her photo drops from his hand at the end in little conversation he came to know that she is died 2 years back.. and She is sent by god to show him a right path..(Amazing work by writer).

Mir Shah arranges the pary meeting where every body is against Mir Shah but as he is scenario most so no one had a counter conversation with him ..

Arham's mother enters the Khaani room and passes some harsh words on her, meanwhile Arham and his father sees the whole scenario, the father lefts the room but Arham gives her a support.

and after some promises and little conversation the Episode ends..

Episode Rating : 8/10

Business Rating : 10/10

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