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Monday, 21 May 2018

Khaani Episode 26 Review - Mir.Haadi Arrested - Khaani Reaches Karachi | Showbizbeat

This episode starts with the crying faces of Arham's parents, his father passes a supporting comments to his mother. On the other side a very confident police officer enters the Haadi house, and asks for Haadi (Feroze Khan), his father makes a false statement that he is out of country. and they both have a little harsh conversation, at the end the police officer says that he will arrest Haadi soon.

Arham receives the call that Haadi is here in country. and on the other side Mir Shah along with his wife visits Haadi to order him to leave the country. Meanwhile police enters the Mazaar and Arrests Haadi (this scene is captured amazingly,and is full of emotions. the good background makes it more perfect, the dialogue here by haadi is again touching the heights of mountains).

Again Mir Shah and police officer has a little harsh words.

Now Arham breaks the news that Mir Haadi is arrested now, and then she cry with a flow, Araham and his papa G supports her at this moment.

Now again He breaks the news but this time the place is change, yes exactly this is the home of Khaani's Father. all the family members gets emotional.

The good moment comes that Ali the friend of Haadi visits him, the scene is created to bring some emotions. The big emotional thing is that Mithal is till now with him, yes mithal is also in the jail with Mir. Haadi ( I don't think or remember that in any serial the Servant played that much supporting role) thanks to the writer for this amazing gift.

Now Arham, Khaani and Papa G along with their lawyer discuss the case . Mir Shah says the TV anchor to air a programme which supports him, but he refuses with showing some facts. again Mir shah tries to show some power but fails .

The scenes comes in a row of both the mothers (of Haadi and Sarim)remembering their sons. which creates little sadness, because both lost their sons in different aspects.

The little angle Raima had a little sweet conversation with Khaani Also. and finally the Khaani family enters the Karachi after a long time of almost 7-8 episodes. and visits the grave of Sarim firstly.

Wao the good new comes that the hands of her father are now working a bit after seeing the grave of his son.

Haadi's lawyer says the haadi to speak what he says but he do not listen to him and passes a smile saying that he will tell the court what the god says ..

today's episode was full of emotions, from both the families what I saw today is that almost every character of the Drama is shown in today's episode which, ties the audience with the episode and finally Haadi is in jail now again.

Episode Rating : 8.5/10

Business Rating : 10/10

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