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Friday, 1 June 2018

Haara Dil - Episode 8 - Review - Danish Taimor - Hiba Bukhari - | Showbizbeat

In the beginning of the episode the nurse Fehmi due to a hard Rain, enters to the Abrar home, and gives him a reason that, Zaiba was not at home so she decided to come here, then a little talk took place between both, She showed some amazing love towards his son Sami, (basically she is trying to make some space in Abrar's house). Meanwhile Momina enters the home and discovers from Abeer that who she is? then she says that Fehmi is a friend of Zaiba.
Haara dil

Momina tries to meet with this lady by giving them Tea, then some conversation between Momina and Fehmi happens and Fahmi appreciates the behaviour of Momina.

When Zaiba reaches home, Fehmi enters her home and both have a discussion on the current scenario, Fehmi giving the reason that the Daughters of Abrar are very intelligent and they will not let it happen . (the 2nd marriage of Abrar). But Zaiba

gives her a confidence there . ( one thing from the last two scenes which i have noticed is that the excuse made by Fehmi that her car is having an issue so, I parked it in front of your house, but after some dialogues She says that the car is parked in front of Zaiba house) Although it is not a big mistake, but I have observed it.

Araham comes to Momina's home to talk with her, and shows some love towards sami in front of Abrar, and then requests the Abrar to talk with his daughter. Next day Abrar recieves a call from his office, he has to reach office in forty five minutes, as the maid was not on time, so he says to Abeer to take an off from her college but again she shows the rude attitude and both Father and daughter have harsh words.

After returning from office He sees that both Sami and maid are not present at home, he asks Zaiba, Zaiba replays that She visited their home at that time both were there, Arham receives the call that Sami have been kidnapped, he breaks the news to his father, both visits their home, and files a report in police..

Now a little pressure on the faces of both the sisters can be seen, but I do not think that Abeer have any soft corner for Sami till now..

Episode Rating : 6/10
Business Rating : 5.5/10

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