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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Khaani Episode 28 Review - The Confession of Murder By Haadi | Showbizbeat

Khaani again visits the grave of her brother Sarim While remembering the quality time spent with him. on other side the mom of Arham is now showing a soft corner towards Khaani and asks her husband to go towards Khaani but, they will not inform Khaani and Arham and will give them a surprise.
Khaani Episode 28
Arham visits Haadi and have a little conversation with him, and tells him that he will not forgive him and soon he will be having the result of "hang till death".

One of the sister of Khaani is fallen in a love with a guy, and she informs Khaani and her little sister, this conversational scene is captured amazingly, and the expressions by actors are great there, one more thing is that this scene gives a little relief to this drama lovers, as the drama is in a serious mode now. The mother of Haadi prays for haadi and accepts that the fault is of her, she did not told the Haadi, that what is good and what is bad. Khaani on other side have a night mare that Haadi shoots a fire on Arham, Arham gives her a little support and then the scene ends.

Mir Haadi again have some dreams on open eyes, about Khaani where he sorry to Khaani but Khaani do not forgives him in this dream, this scene is also a part of the promotional track. Mithal have a little conversation with Haadi in the Jail room / Prison room and the night ends.

Now the real thrill happens where the Haadi confesses that he done a murder of Sarim, and he wants that he should be hang till death, and he also said that we should not argue I had done the crime and I should be punish hard. While watching this all Mir Shah's health condition gets worse and the court have to adjurn for 5 days. some of the people think that this is an acting by mir Shah, while mir Shah is showed in the hospital which can prove that this was not drama, but the truth till now is not discovered.

While confessing the Crime the dialogues the Expressions by all the actors present in court were sky touching, and were 100 percent real, that is why, this drama is different from the other ones.. The background music as we all know played a vital role in all episodes and now on the day of confession also  the blend of BGM, gets you a little emotional. Well lets see what happens next..

Episode Rating : 10/10
Business Rating : 10/10

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