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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Kajol Defends Daughter of Shahrukh Khan (Suhana Khan) after Her Decision of Entering Showbiz

Recently Suhana Khan did a Photo-Shoot for a Showbiz Magazine for which She got trolled over social media and other Showbiz sites. As we all know that from the statements of Shahrukh Khan on different occasions, this thing was very much clear that his daughter is a die heart fan of Bollywood and wants to take acting as a career, while her brother is not that much interested in this particular field.
Reportedly in a promotions of her upcoming film "Helicopter Eela" Kajol Devgan Said that "I always supported my Son and Daughter and as a mother I know the responsibilities of this relation, but we also need to give some decisions in our children's hand. The way they want to live their lives, Exactly what I am doing". She also said that "Instead of pressurising them they should be loved and supported."
She supported the Decision of her friend's daughter Suhana Khan of entering Bollywood, and Said that there exists a huge kind of pressure on the Star kids, after entering the industry, which is a common fact, this all happens because of the grand stardom of their parents.
She not only supported and appreciated Suhana Khan but also her Parents Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan on giving the confidence to their Daughter and believing on her.
Further more Kajol Said that they are indirectly compared to their parents which is some times Bad and Some times it turns good.
Suhana Khan ready to enter Showbiz
Suhana Khan enters Bollywood

Well as we all know that Kajol herself have two children a Daughter "Nysa" And a son "Yug". And as of their past family background on can be hundred and ten percent sure about this fact that in upcoming years her Children can also have an entrance to Showbiz field. Again if we talk about both her Children the Daughter seems more interested in entering Showbiz as compared to the Son, The big proof to this matter is The photos of Kajol on different Promotional events with her Daughter, the way she is presented in past and present by her mother can lead her future of Bollywood.
We wish all the Star kids best of luck, and hope to see a wide range of variety in the field of Acting. For more updates please Follow us on our social sites and Email notification.

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