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Monday, 22 October 2018

Romeo Weds Heer Episode 1 - Little Wars Between Romeo and Heer | Showbizbeat

So the first episode of the Comedy-Romantic Pakistani drama titled "Romeo Weds Heer", is on aired now, the drama is written by Younis Butt. (who also wrote the famous Geo T.V show Hum Sab Umeed Say hain). And is directed by a talented and experienced director Anjum Shehzad.
The drama looks like a Bollywood films, of having a love story and comedy in the college. The recent example from Lollywood can be of a '"Ho Mann Jahan" the Mahira Khan starer. Lets see how it works for the Pakistani drama industry. The looks of Sana Javed are very much good from her previous roles, it looks like her appearance in khaani but if we look her closely there are some changes in her look, which are specially made for this Serial. The young Rich Boy is played pretty well by Feroze Khan.
Episode 1 Review
This episode Starts with the Voice over introduction of Sana Javed and the visuals of Feroze Khan. Fans are now watching them again after a time of some months, For Khaani lovers it was a much awaited drama. To me firstly from its promos, It looked little over one by Geo Entertainment. But after watching this first Episode now, my point of view is little changed.

This first episode of Romeo Weds Heer shows Romeo again as a rich Boy, but now a little sensitive one also. While Sana Javed ( Heer) is again a women protagonist from a lower middle class family. The episode shows little Rom-Com fights / Wars between both the Romeo and Heer. The Screen play is written pretty well and also got a good blend of acting from the whole cast. As this was a first episode of Romeo Weds Heer, So this episode has not too much to say, But we got an idea of what the drama is about.

The supporting Roles are played very well, the Dubai Returned Shaikh did pretty well acting. This Serial also stars the legendary Pakistani Actor Firdous Jamaal, Which will add a plus point to this drama also. Lets see what kind of Feedback the viewers give to this drama.

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