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Sunday, 10 March 2019

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi - Episode 19 - Written Update - Revealing the real cause of Bhola's Disease

Episode 19 of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi starts with the conversation of Sahir, Bhoola's mother and Komal. Meanwhile from the expressions of Komal we can see that she is kinda showing interest in Sahir. When Noori asked about the guest, Komal shares some spark of their conversation from which Noori gets the point and remembers that line was once said by Sahir to her, She some wheres get scared for a moment. Nusrat Chacha talks with the doctor that he will bring Bhola soon to him. (The all conversation is hared by Sahi, but he pretends as he did not hared).
From this conversation we are now clear that all this condition of Bhola is actually due to his Uncle Nusrat. Mean while Noori prepares Bhola to seek apology from chachi, but again Chachi's rude behaviour causes bhola to get upset. Bhola tells Noori that Chachi told him his eyes looks like a killer's eyes, But Noori clears his doubts by showing him little love.(Bhola again gives momentum to the scene). 

Chachi disagree with Nusrat's decision of giving their Daughter Rishta to Sahir, their self, by giving some explanations, Chachi now kind of agrees with Nusrat Chacha. On the other hand Sahir recalls the conversation of Doctor and Nusrat Chacha. 
Next morning Bhola's mother asks Rizwana about her health. Then Rizwana have conversation with her bhabi about Komal's and Sahir Rishta. Bhabhi gets happy, this all conversation is hared by Komal and her expressions can clearly Say's that She is fallen for Sahir Already. 

Nusrat Chacha invites Sahir on upcoming Sunday for a lunch. Meanwhile Komal sees the day dreams about Sahir, Noori enters and discovers about the Komal's current conditions as a friend and gives Komal an advice that never ever blind trust on a Man, Komal gets scared and tells Noori about her rishta, then Noori makes fun of her and rags Komal. (The scene shows love and concern of both the characters for each other). 

Bhoola's mother talks with Nusrat Chacha about the Rishta of Komal, but Nushrat Chacha gives convince able reasons by which Bhabhi gets satisfied.

Noori asks Nusrat chacha about the new medicines for Bhola, that the medicines brought by Chacha are not same as prescribed by the doctor. The conversation gets little serious between Noori and Chacha but the scene ends.

Bhabhi then advices Noori to not get rude with the elders. Bhola's mother gives Noori another advice to resume her studies, Noori gets exited by hearing this news. Noori tries to get some information about the new rishta for Komal, but do not gets any solid information. Sahir gives an excuse to Chacha to not come for launch as he has to go to her Sister. Nusrat gives him an advise of getting married. The episode 20 of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi ends. 

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